Electric forklifts

Their indisputable advantages are – high manoeuvre capability, reliable aggregates, high ergonomics, easy exploitation and servicing.

Electric platform trucks and dumpers

Platform trucks is designed to transport of single or palletized loads on flat or slightly sloping roads, mainly for internal factory, warehouse and many others

Electric tow-tractors

They are very common for factory transportation, railway stations, airports, naval ports, warehouses and other areas with hard and smooth pavement.


“Ди-Вен” предлага производство на ремаркета с тегло на прикачения товар 2000кг., пневматични предни/задни гуми, дължина 2650см., ширина 980см., височина 545см.

Mobile loading ramps

Mobile loading ramps are used for fast and efficient loading and unloading of products. Their main purpose is compensation of differences in height of the load compartment and the truck.