About us

Di-Ven Ltd was established in 1991.

It is specialized in manufacturing and marketing of electric trucks, spare parts and servicing. The company has its own building site and servicing network in the country. It has its own brand electric forklifts that are sold successfully in Bulgaria as well as in other countries.

There are highly qualified engineers, fitters, welders, turners, etc. They fulfil the requirements of the official position and the profession they do. The company has a lot of clients from Bulgaria and abroad as 90% of the manufactured trucks are sold in Russia, Poland, Hungary Germany, Italy, Romania, Ukraine, Belarus, etc.

Di-Ven Ltd manages to keep its main customers and enlarges its contacts due to the high quality of the products, manufactured according to the European norms and standards. Most of the components installed on the trucks are of Bulgarian origin but sometimes when the customer wants to achieve different characteristics and quality we use foreign components such as controllers ZAPI, Sevcon or PG Drive, Marangoni tyres, Hoesch steel profiles, AMRE engines, etc.

The company provides technical maintenance, warranty and after-warranty servicing of the trucks, delivery and if the client wants – put into operation of new trucks, spare parts supply at preferential prices and more…

Having in mind the great rivalry on the Bulgaria market and abroad the aim of Di-Ven Ltd is to improve and enlarge its range of product so that it can gain new customers and partners from Bulgaria and abroad.

Our mission


To deliver to their customers their desired quality and to be their partner


To ensure enough revenue for the owner and enrich life of the local people

Our vision


To develop the best employees


To produce more quality goods


Our products must always be available and affordable for our customers


To optimize our costs

Our values


To act with integrity and keep our promises


To relate fairly with competition


To achieve the best results in everything we do



High quality of the products, manufactured according to the European norms and standards