Electric tow-tractors

The electric tow-tractors are used for towing laden trailers. They are very common for factory transportation, railway stations, airports, naval ports, warehouses and other areas with hard and smooth pavement. The tow-tractors are distinguished for their simple run and maintenance as well as the high manoeuvrability. The steering is with mechanical drive. The travel speed control is smooth and stepless and it is carried out by CURTIS pulse controller. ET 513.10 and ET 515.10 are equipped with complete lighting installation enabling travel on roads and streets. It can be with cabin without doors, cabin with doors and heating.

The types of electric tow-tractors, which the company produces are:

ЕТ 508 nominal drawbar pull 125 kg.

ЕТ 512 nominal drawbar pull 250 kg.

ЕТ 513 nominal drawbar pull 350 kg.

ЕТ 515 nominal drawbar pull 400 kg.